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In 2002, leaders in the Alcester community envisioned the need to have land reserve for economic development. In 2002, 71 acres of farmland adjacent to Highway 11 on the north edge of Alcester was purchased to future development (MAP 1). In 2007, an additional 70 acres of land was purchased on the south edge of Alcester which also lies along to SD highway 11 and Union County highway 13 (MAP 2). Each of these tracts of ground is available for economic development whether it be industrial or retail development.

Conceptual street & lot layouts have been developed, but final approval has been delayed in order for provide flexibility of potential buyers.  Both of these tracts lie along South Dakota State Highway 46 and provide unique qualities for development.

Come Home to Alcester

In 2010, a need was also identified for future residential development. The city of Alcester currently owns approximately 5 acres of land which will provide for Beck Street and an additional 11 residential lots (MAP4). These engineered lots exist in a recently residential developed area with lots that are well drained and provide beautiful views. With only 11 lots available, 71 acres of additional ground was purchased in the northeast section of Alcester and reserved for residential development (MAP 3). This development lies on east edge of the Alcester Golf Course and will provide 116 lots with excellent views to the North and Northwest.

Alcester Industrial Park Contacts

We are ready to roll out a red carpet for new business or industry coming to Alcester. Please contact us with any questions or if you need more information about building in South Dakota’s Small Town Treasure!

Todd Nelson
(866) 686-9844

Jaimey Schempp
(605) 934-2500

See MAP 1 – Industrial Lots Available
See MAP 2 – Industrial Lots Available
See MAP 3 – Residential Lots Available
See MAP 4 – Residential Lots Available


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