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Alcester, SD

Industrial Statistics

Local Taxes for the City of Alcester
Sales/Use Tax 2.00%


Sales Tax Rate by Utility
Electric Power 6.00%
Natural Gas 6.00%
Fuel Oil 6.00%
Water none
Sewer none
Hazardous Waste none


Telephone Sales Tax Rates
Local Area 6.00%
Long Distance In State 6.00%
Long Distance Out of State 6.00%


Real Property Tax Rates
City Millage 9.8
County Millage 3.83
School Millage 9.39
Special Millage 0
Total Millage 23.04
Assessment Ratio 85.00%
Effective Rate Per $1000 2.79%


State Taxes
Corporate Income Tax None
Personal Income Tax None
Local Occupation Tax None
Local Wage Tax None
Personal Property Tax None
State Property Tax None
State Sales/Use Tax 4%
Municipal Sales Tax 2%


Sales/Use Tax On
Office Construction Materials Yes
Industrial Construction Material Yes
Manufacturer’s Raw Materials No
Standard Software Yes
Custom Software Yes


Machinery and Equipment  Subject to Sales Tax
Production Yes
Pollution Control Yes
Non Production Yes
Office Furniture Yes


Worker’s Compensation
Average Cost for All Manufacturing per $100 Payroll $2.89
Average Rate for Office Workers (8810) $0.26
Maximum Weekly Benefit $448.00


Unemployment Insurance
Taxable Base $7,000.00
Average Percentage Rate Among Existing Employer 0.90%
Statutory Percentage Rate for New Employers 1.90%
Maximum Weekly Benefit $224.00



Intangible Property

Sales/use tax is not charged on intangible property.


Utilities: Water Availability and Treatment
Source Rural Water
Provider South Lincoln Rural Water System
Cost Rates vary
Connection Fee $300.00


Utilities: Sewer Treatment
Provider City of Alcester
Type of Service Mechanical
Cost $7.00/thousand
Connection Fee $150.00


Utilities: Electric Power
Providers MidAmerican Energy
Southeastern Electric


Utilities: Natural Gas
Provider MidAmerican Energy
Average Industrial Cost ($/mcf) $5.26


Utilities: Telecommunications
Provider Alliance Communications
Fiber Service No
Self-Healing Yes
Dual Feed No


Utilities: Internet
Number of Internet Service Providers 4


Area in Attainment for Federal Air Pollution Regulations
Carbon Monoxide Yes
Lead Yes
Nitrogen Dioxide Yes
Ozone Yes
Particular Matter Yes
Sulfur Dioxide Yes
One-Stop Permit Yes


Average Permit Approval Time From Date of Completed Routine Application
Air Permit 180
Water Permit 180



Major Highways & Interstates Linking The Area
Miles from Alcester
U.S. Interstate 29 14
U.S. Interstate 90 55
U.S. Federal Highway 18 19
U.S. Federal Highway 75 24
S.D. State Highway 11 0
S.D. State Highway 46 4


Distance in Miles to the Five Nearest Metro Areas
Metro Area Miles from Alcester
Omaha 168
Minneapolis 317
Kansas City 353
Chicago 614
Denver 707



Commercial Airports Linking The Area
Sioux Gateway Airport Sioux City, IA
Distance from Alcester 63 miles
Flights to Largest Cities Minneapolis
Number of Runways 2
Passenger Carriers Delta
Cargo Carriers None


Sioux Falls Regional Airport Sioux Falls, SD
Distance from Alcester 49 miles
Number of Runways 3
Longest Length 9,000 ft
Cargo Carriers FedEx, UPS, Airborne Express, Air Cargo Carriers


Flights from Sioux Falls
To Duration Airlines
Chicago, IL 1h 42m United, American
Dallas, TX 2h 5m American
Denver, CO 1h 39m United, Frontier
Detroit, MI 2h 18m Delta
Las Vegas, NV 2h 50m Allegiant
Minneapolis, MN 1h 6m Delta
Phoenix, AZ 2h 45m Allegiant


The South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development‘s website is filled with more information about relocating your business to our area.


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