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Alcester-Hudson Community Guide!

The AACC (Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce) is pleased to announce the availability of this new community guide for the Alcester and Hudson area for residents, businesses and organizations.   The AACC is excited to properly showcase the businesses, organizations and activities in the Alcester and Hudson communities and increase awareness of what is available in the communities.

The AACC has physical copies available at

  •  In Alcester and Hudson
    • City Offices
    • Premier Bank
    • Library
  •  In Alcester
    • Alcester Library
    •  Alcester Quick Stop
    • Arlene’s Sunnyside Café
    •  Total Stop
    •  Your Daily Dose
    •  Mane Attraction (a few copies)

The AACC’s goal is to make the Alcester-Hudson Community Guide something it can do every two to three years.  The AACC encourages residents, business owners and organizations to review the information it has on www.alcestersd.org and within this Alcester-Hudson Community Guide.  Please contact the chamber at alcestersdchamber@gmail.com if any of the information needs to be updated or to submit additional information, photos or articles for future publications of the Alcester-Hudson Community Guide.

Thank you!


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