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Alcester, SD

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Alcester Bar
Alcester Bar provides bar and off-sale alcohol and liquor services.
101 E 2nd St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2933

Alcester Care & Rehab - 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Alcester Care & Rehab cares for the people you care about.
101 Church St
PO Box 500
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-2011
Fax: (605) 934-9923
Website:  http://alcestercarerehab.com/
Email:  administrator@alcestercarerehab.com

Alcester Chiropractic
Dr. Valerie Beeck
110 E 2nd St
PO Box 647
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-2570

Alcester Community Fitness Center
190 Iowa St
PO Box 168
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2500

Alcester Dental Clinic - 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Horizon Health Care, Inc.
111 Iowa St.
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone: (605) 934-2251
Fax: (605) 934-1705
Website: www.horizonhealthcare.org

Alcester Insurance Agency
PO Box 109
108 2nd Ave
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone:(605) 934-2710
Email: mlimoges@alliancecom.net

Alcester Golf Club
PO Box 318
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone: (605) 934-1839
Website:   www.alcestergolfclub.com
Email:  info@alcestergolfclub.com

Alcester-Hudson Schools
 102 E 5th St
PO Box 198
Alcester, SD 57001
HS/JH (605) 934-1890
Elementary School (605) 934-2171
Website:  www.alcester-hudson.k12.sd.us

Alcester Towing & Recovery LLC
24/7 assistance for lockouts, tire changes, jump starts, fuel deliver and certified recovery
Tristan Rhodes, Owner
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 777-4748

Alcester United States Post Office
The Alcester Post Office is here to help you with all your mailing needs.  We not only sell stamps and ship packages, but we also sell shipping supplies such as tape, boxes and envelopes.  We have priority packaging products that are free and only require postage.  We have post office boxes available to rent in several sizes, and we are always here to help you in any way possible. 
111 Dakota St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2450
Fax:  (605) 934-2308
Hours:  Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Alcester Senior Citizens Center
104 E 2nd St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-2057
Renting Reservations: (605) 934-2624

Alcester Union & Hudsonite
110 E 1st St
PO Box 227
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-2640
Fax: (605) 934-2096
Email: parapub@iw.net

Alcester Village Apartments - 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
400 E 1st St
PO Box 290
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2626

Alkota - 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Started in 1964, Alkota is a manufacturer of pressure washers and allied products.
105 Broad St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2222
Fax:  (605) 934-1808
Website:  www.alkota.com
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Alliance Communications - 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member

Alliance Communications provides Internet, cable TV and telephone services to portions of South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.
612 3rd St
PO Box 349
Garretson, SD 57030
Phone:(605) 934-9900 or (605) 594-3411
Website:  www.alliancecom.net

Alcester Community Health Center- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Horizon Health Care, Inc.
104 West 2nd St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-2122
Fax: (605) 934-1705
Website:  www.horizonhealthcare.org

Alcester Quick Stop 
609 SD Hwy 11
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone: (605) 934-2510

AO Knits 
custom knitting and embroidery items
Carol Berkheimer
PO Box 617, Alcester, SD  57001
Cell:  (605) 659-1851
Phone:  (605) 934-2040
Email:  aoknits@hotmail.com

Arlene’s Sunnyside Cafe
111 Iowa Street
PO Box 707
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-2735

Alcester Bar
101 E 2nd St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2933

Axel Ericson Electric 
Axel Ericson serves all your electric needs 24/7.
501 W 3rd St
Alcester, SD  57001

Bag Ladee
independent consultant for Thirty-One gifts
Amanda Jensen
47145 295 St
Beresford, SD  57004
Phone:  (605) 359-6784
Website:  www.mythirtyone.com/1914043

Bailey Construction
Chris Bailey
47986 306 St
Alcester, SD  57001

Beauty Counter
makeup, skin care and other beauty products that are free of known parabens and hormone disrupters Kari Kingma
29867 483 Ave
Hawarden, IA  51023
Phone:  (605)310-2011
Website:  www.beautycounter.com/KariKingma

BIM Concepts, Inc.
Brent Harmes has 30 years of architechural drafting and design experience in commercial and residential properties.  He can help you with engineering and permit drawings for all your building and remodeling needs.
Brent Harmes
PO Box 704
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (303) 919-2035
Website:  www.brenteharmes.com

Carla Hummel Day Care

PO Box 585
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2079

City of Alcester
500 Dakota Street
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2851


Colorado Treasures 
art of all kinds and all types of mediums
Paula Fagre
PO Box 465
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2135
Cell:  (303) 941-0307
Website:  www.coloradotreasures.org
Email:  rpfagre@aol.com

Paul Haisch
PO Box 722
Alcester, SD 57001

Credentialing USA
LaVonne McKee
403 Lincoln Circle
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 214-1401
Fax:  (605) 934-2239
Website:  www.credentialingusa.com
Email:  lavonne@credentialingusa.com
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Cubs Country Car Wash
PO Box 557
Alcester, SD  57001

Custom Coils
Custom Coils offers the widest range of magnetic components, all custom designed and built to customer specifications.  Established in 1967, the Custom Coils operation consists of more than 17,000 square feet.  There are more than 70 employees serving 140+ accounts.  We serve many industries including biomedical, agriculture, mining, aerospace and military just to name a few.  In 2016, Custom Coils became ISO 9001:2015 certified.
109 Iowa St
PO Box 348
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2460
Fax:  (605) 934-2440
Website:  http://www.customcoils.com/

Dakota Domination
Nathan Beeler
317 Lee Dr
Alcester, SD 57001

essential oils that are used to help with the symptoms of all sorts of ailments, viruses and infections, Jean Doty
48128 299 St
Alcester, SD  57001
Cell:  (605) 957-5401
Phone:  (605) 934-2226
Email:  jdoty2001@hotmail.com

Dragonfly Massage 
110 1st St
Alcester, SD  57001

Ella G & Company
car fresheners, candles, lotions, body oils sprays, soaps, lip balms and room sprays
Carrie Wilkinson
1331 15th St
Hawarden, IA  51023
Cell:  (712) 251-4236
Phone:  (712) 551-1140

Enchanted Circle
hand sewn bath towels
Robin Falde
155 Elevator Rd
Chatsworth, IA  51001
Phone:   (712) 550-0101

Farmers Cooperative Society
Farmers Coop Society’s Alcester elevator is dedicated to providing you  with competitive grain markets. They provide simple and easy to understand marketing tools and contracts with no hidden surprises.  As your locally-owned cooperative,  theyare looking out for your best interest and not some major corporation’s bottom line.100 Iowa St,
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2370
Website:  www.farmerscoopsociety.com
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Food Pantry
110 1st St
Alcester, SD  57001
Contact:  Cleo Clark at (605) 934-2359, Mary Erickson at (605) 934-2696, Ruth Westling at (605) 934-2545, Mary Limoges at (605) 201-2645 or (605) 934-2710, Vickie Larsen at (605) 934-2338 or a local church for more information or access.

Forbes Garage
101 SD Hwy 11
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2225

Gubbrud, Haugland & Gillespie
Gubbrud, Haugland & Gillespie provides law office services.
102 W 2nd St
PO Box 97
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone: (605) 934-2140

Hair Expressions
103 E 2nd St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-1931
Email: rsronning@yahoo.com

Hair’tage Salon & Spa - 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Hair’itage is a full service salon specializing in eyelash extensions, lash lifts and lash tints.
Christine Hakl
209 E 2nd St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2111
Email:  Hairitage.salon20@gmail.com

H&M Roofing
Harvey Van Ballegooyen
30380 475 Ave
Alcester, SD  57001

Half Pint Academy
Amy Braaten
Phone:  (605) 940-4071
Tammy Kellen
Phone:  (605) 940-6190

Hawarden Regional Healthcare - 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
For more than 100 years, Hawarden Regional Healthcare’s staff has been dedicated to providing for the health and wellness of all in its communities through the delivery of quality healthcare close to home. That mission has not changed. Their goal is to be your resource for health and well being now and in the future.
111 11th Street
Hawarden,  IA 51023
Phone: (712) 551-3100
Website:  www.hawardenregionalhealthcare.com

Healing Hope Ministries
Healing Hope Ministries is an organization that ministers to parents who have lost children.  Our dream is to create a serene atmosphere where families can get away for awhile and work through some of their grief as well as share memories of their child and honor them in various ways.
Alcester, SD  57001
Office:  (605) 934-2525
Denny Allen:  (605) 321-1875
Karri Allen:  (605) 201-4261
Website:  www.healinghopes.com
Email:  info@healinghopes.com

Heather Frerichs Day Care
PO Box 123
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2093

Hillbilly’s Bar, Grill & Casino
607 SD HWY 11
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-1866
Website:  www.hillbillysbargrillcasino.com

Homandberg Electric
Reagan Homandberg
30047 480 Ave
Alcester, SD  57001

Home Away from Home Day Care
Shelby Braaten and Rachael Braaten
PO Box 523
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2178

Honey Do Construction
DeLane Fickbohm
47965 301 St
Alcester, SD  57001

John Howard Trucking
104 Broad St
Alcester, SD  57001

Kalli Kay’s Jewelry
designs, manufactures and sells jewelry
Kay Brock
4120 S Fairhall Ave
Sioux Falls, SD  57106
Phone:  (605) 366-5156
Cell:  (605) 214-0122
Email:   kay.brock45@gmail.com

Karen Nelson
artificial floral arrangements
404 Lincoln Circle
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2557
Email:  kanelson@alliancecom.net

Kellen Trucking
Deen Kellen
30165 480 Ave
Alcester, SD  57001

Kelly Erickson Creations
501 Lincoln Dr
Alcester, SD 57001

Kevin Pies Construction
Kevin Pies Construction does new construction, additions, drywall, decks, roofing, siding, windows and doors and covers all your other construction needs.
503 Jefferson Dr
(712) 441-3357
Alcester, SD  57001

Klassic Lips by Keesha
Keesha Merrick
30769 482 Ave
Akron, IA  51001
Cell:  (605) 214-0702

Knead It or Knot
Susie Scott
603 Mitchell Dr
Alcester, SD  57001

Krista Hansen Photography 
(308) 360-0556

Lappegard Winery
JoAnne Lappegard
29535 507th Ave
Alcester, SD 57001

Leisure Sports Paddles and Oars 

30157 SD HWY 11
PO Box 137
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-1995
Website:  www.leisuresportspaddles.com

Loren Fischer Disposal
31383 SD Hwy 19
Vermillion, SD  57069
Phone:  (605) 624-9304

exclusive clothing line designed to fit women of all ages, sizes and shapes
Kristi Adams
30280 Greenfield Rd
Beresford, SD  57004
Phone:  (605) 957-5238
Email:  llr.kadams@gmail.com

Mane Attraction - 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Opened in 2014, Mane Attraction offers salon services.
Stylist Tena Keiser
Stylist  Amanda Ericson
12 E 2nd St
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2177
Amanda Ericson cell phone:  (714) 348-9166
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Martha and Mary 
home décor that inspires faith, friendship and fellowship
Shelley Nelson
47218 300th St
Beresford, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 957-5837
Email: lappyjo@gmail.com

MidAmerican Energy
666 Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA  50303
Electric Outage: (800) 799-4443
Gas Leak: (800) 595-5325
Credit Card Pay: (800) 968-1305
Customer Service: (888) 427-5632
Website:  www.midamericanenergy.com

Mike Pederson Painting
30707 475 Ave
Alcester, SD  57001

Mindie’s Salon & Spa
Since 2011, Mindie’s Salon & Spa has been offering salon services including hair, acrylic nails, shellac, manicures, spa pedicures, waxing, eyelash and eyebrow tinting and tanning.  They carry a variety of salon products including tanning lotions, styling tools and products, shampoos and conditions.
207 E 2nd St
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2004
Cell:  (605) 359-7005
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Monarch Products 
Since 2011, Monarch Products has been in engraving company that specializes in customer etching and graphics for anything from industrial parts and labels to guns, custom gifts, glasses and wine boxes.
Josh Henson
403 W 3rd St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (714) 420-3838
Email:  monarchdisplays@yahoo.com

My Timeless Day Quilting & Sewing
Quilt Shop
30442 481st Ave
Alcester, SD 57001

Nathanael Lutheran Church
209 Dakota St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2351
Sunday Morning Schedule:  10:30 a.m. Worship and 11:45 a.m. Coffee Fellowship

NVS (New Visions Structures) Homes 
NVS was started in 2012 so the customer could deal with only one contractor for every aspect of the project to keep cost low, reduce customer stress and get it right the first time by licensed contractors.  NVS does new construction, remodeling, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, windows, siding, general contracting and 25-hour emergency service.
Rick Carlson
PO Box 576
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 214-6897

Pampered Chef
provides opportunities for people to fill their kitchens with high quality tools that make cooking and entertaining easier and more enjoyable and also provide parties, such as cooking parties, book parties, fundraisers, wedding showers, Facebook parties and more
Kirsten Griffith
47935 308 St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (712) 898-0055
Website:  www.pamperedchef.biz/lovethepamperedchef
Email;   kristen398460@gmail.com

Park Ave. Creations
Stacy Johnson
Alcester, SD  57001
(605) 934-2147

Premier Insurance Agency- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Premier Insurance Agency is an independent insurance company offering a variety of insurance products through a variety of companies to get you the best coverage for your situation. 
190 Iowa St
PO Box 136
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2500
Website:  www.epremierbank.com

Pearson Dirt Work
Reagan Pearson
30209 480 Ave
Alcester, SD  57001

Perfectly Posh 
232 2nd St SE
Sioux Center, IA  51250
Website:  https://sarahrichmond79.po.sh

Pete’s Produce/Alcester Fertilizer
Todd and Barry Hughes
105 E 2nd St
PO Box 347
Phone: (605) 934-1851

Phoukit Moumy Egg Rolls  
510 Ofstad St
Alcester, SD  570001
Phone:  (712) 552-7194

Pink Zebra
Kelly Robertson
29001 486th Ave
Fairview, SD  57027
Email:  dale.kelly.robertson@gmail.com
(605) 984-2040
Websites:  www.pinkzebrahome.com/kellyrobertson

POET- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
POET is a world leader in biofuel production as well as in the feed stock industry. At POET Biorefining in Hudson,  we are interested in buying corn from local producers and as an ethanol facility we add much value to the producer’s corn we grind by; improving the local economy through jobs and an improved basis level, the environment through oxygenated gas, and reduction in energy dependence by easing the need for expensive foreign oil. 

29619 Spur Ave
Hudson, SD  57034
Phone:  (605) 984-2222
Fax:  (605) 984-2056
Website:  www.poet.com/hudson
Email:  hudson@poet.com

TO SELL CORN: (877) 685-4689

Purpose + Grit- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Jessy Paulson, Anita Hazel, Cassandra DeBruin
Alcester, SD
Website: www.purposegrit.com

Quam & Berglin, CPA
103 W 2nd
PO Box 257
Alcester, SD. 57001
Phone: (605) 934-1848
Fax: (605) 934-1848
Email: cpaalc@dtgnet.com

R&R Construction
Ronnie and Randy Walth
48050 300 St
Alcester, SD  57001

Rassmussen Electric
Stacy Rasmussen
29485 SD Hwy 11
Hudson, SD  57034

Rush Co- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Rush-Co excels at designing and producing custom fabric solutions for nearly any challenge or application.
1314 Walnut St.
Springfield, SD 57062
(866) 776-5617
(605) 369-6000
Fax: 605-369-2112
Email:  bill@rush-co.com
Website:  https://rush-co.com/

Kayla Pies
503 Jefferson Dr
Alcester, SD  57001
(605) 270-9810

Schuller Tree Trimming and Snow Removal
Frank Schuller
48551 SD Hwy 46
Hudson, SD  57034

Serck Construction
Paul Serck
48040 295 St
Hudson, SD  57034

Sew Storm Quilt Shop- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Quilting family heirlooms with digital precision
Brenda Hakl
114 E 2nd St
Alcester, SD  57001
(605) 934-2300
Website:  www.sewstormquilting.com

Southeastern Electric- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Southeastern Electric Cooperative, Inc. is committed to serving their changing and diverse membership with quality electric services through sound business practices, communication, education and progressive leadership, today and in the future.
605 SD Hwy 11
PO Box 105
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-1961
Fax:  (605) 934-3778
Website:  http://southeasternelectric.com/

Star Energy
109 Main St
Ireton,  IA 51027
Phone: (712) 278-6808
Website:  www.starnrgy.com

Premier Bank- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Premier Bank opened for business on February 25, 1997. We are a locally owned and managed bank with locations currently in five communities in Rock Valley, Rock Rapids and Doon in Iowa and Alcester and Hudson in South Dakota.  It is Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.
190 Iowa St
PO Box 198
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2500
Website:  www.epremierbank.com

Tastefully Simple and Rodan & Fields
gourmet food products and top of the line skin care products
Jolayne Witt
1621 460 St
Hawarden, IA  51023
Phone:  (605) 934-2050
Cell:  (605) 261-2760
Websites:  www.tastefullysimple.com/jwitt and www.jwitt24.myrandf.com

Thirty One Gifts 
Jennifer Schuller
48551 Hwy 46
Hudson, SD  57034
Email:  schuller33@allianccom.net

TJs Jams, Jellies and Baked Goods
John and Theresa Sabin
803 9th St
Hawarden, IA  51023
(712) 551-3754

Tim Renken Auctions 
Phone:  (605) 941-6516
Website:  http://www.renkenauctions.com/
Email Address:  timrenken@alliancecom.net

Total Stop Food Store- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Total Stop Food Store combines Hot Stuff pizzas and other quick-eat items, a grocery store, gas station and casino in one convenient location.
PO Box 138
Alcester, SD 57001
Phone: (605) 934-2760
Fax: (605) 934-2761
Website:  www.totalstopfoodstore.com


Townhouse Apartments, Inc.
PO Box 636
Alcester,  SD 57001
Phone: (605) 934-2714 (Robyn Jones)

Traveling Vinyeard
 free in-home wine tastings of our award-winning wines exclusive to the Traveling Vineyard
Kristi Vos
415 Jefferson Dr
(605) 951-4639
Website:  www.myttv.com/kvos
Email:   kristilvos@outlook.com

Tri-State Janitorial
Bob Nyreen
607 SD Hwy 11
Alcester, SD  57001

Emmajean Peterson
1168 13th St NE
Sioux Center, IA  51250
(7120 722-0413

Union Farm Mutual Insurance
Dee Sommervold (605) 565-3003
Ron Nelson (605) 934-1814
Doreen Ronning (605) 253-2284

United States Post Office
111 Dakota St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone:  (605) 934-2450
Website:  https://www.usps.com/
Hours:  Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Veggie Patch 
Ronald Muth
2125 490th St
Irene, IA  51027
(712) 395-0491

Wass Funeral Home
301 N 3rd Street
Beresford, SD 57004
Phone: (605) 934-2661
Fax: (605) 763-5861
Website:  www.wassfuneralhome.com

Waterman Backhoe Inc.- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Waterman Backhoe provides sewer repair, small plumbing jobs, well repair, septic tank installation and septic system pumping.
1409 3rd St
Hawarden, IA 51023
Email:  watermanbackhoe@longlines.com

Janet Merrick
(605) 547-2839

Susie and Kathy Scott
603 Mitchell Drive
Alcester,  SD  57001
(605) 934-1972
Email:  suzy_57001@yahoo.com

Phone: (855) 496-9929
Website:  www.wowway.com

Amanda Ericson, Independent Presenter
Email:   amandajericson@gmail.com
:  (714) 348-9166

Your Daily Dose and Unique Floral by Cindy- 2020-2021 Alcester Area Chamber of Commerce Member
Your Daily Dose has prescriptions, over-the-counter products, gifts, home décor, coffee shop, flower shop, balloon bouquets, digital photo printing kiosk and cards.  They also have a dry cleaning drop off and Alcester Cubs clothing.
106 E 2nd St
Alcester, SD  57001
Phone: (605) 934-2244
Fax: (605) 934-9954