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city ordinances

Municipal Ordinances

Codified and Consolidated Ordinances of The City of Alcester, as adopted by the City Council August 6, 2014 and codified January 18, 2018


Zoning Regulations

Zoning Regulations adopted by the City Council and effective August 15, 2018

*Please note that some Ordinances contained in the above documents may have been updated since publication.  You can look below for past Ordinances and Resolutions or for any questions please contact the finance officer.


International Property Maintenance Code

City Ordinance Frequently Asked Questions:

Pet Limits

City Ordinance limits the number of pets to five domestic pets.

Pet Licensing

Cats & Dogs must be licensed yearly with the City by January 31.  License fees depend upon if the animal has been spayed, neutered or unaltered.  If spayed/neutered fee is $10 per animal.  If unaltered, fee is $25.


Building Permits

Required for most construction. We ask that you get a building permit for storage sheds, fences and the like. Please contact the finance officer at city hall for more information and fees.

Fee is $25 plus $1.50 per $1,000 of materials for the project.

past ordinanceS & Resolutions

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